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How can a hole be created on a cylinder?

By Nisheeth Srivastava on 20 Jul 16:21 5 answers 1584 views 4 comments

I want to create a concentric hole on this cylinder with hole tool. How to do it.

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5 answers

  • Miloš Barbir
    Miloš Barbir about 4 years ago

    Yeah .He's right.Just make sure that you attach these reference green squares to the planes or surface and it will work.

  • Simon Risteski
    Simon Risteski about 4 years ago

    CLICK HOLE,than for first reference select axis of the cylinder,and as a second reference whatever plane you prefer of the cylinder.

  • ashok
    ashok almost 4 years ago

    but how to make hole on the OD of the Cylinder?

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