How can I access GrabCAD when mobile? Get the GrabCAD app!

GrabCAD has an app for both iOS and Android! We released our Android app yesterday and will continue to develop tools that help you get your work done.

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We would love for our Community to rate and review the app! Please send any feedback to or urgent issues to You can also leave wishes for our app here in this thread! We already pushed one improvement and are listening for what you want next.

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I noticed that in the app there is no automatically rotation. It can be usefull when you write or to better view of pictures. Also there are visible tags but I can't click and see more options, positions. Whats more, I can open recent or popular models but when I click on user to see more of his models it's not working. There is more, when i click on my login (top left), I was logged out without any question. Signs(letters, numbers white colour on white background) when login are bad visible . There are not many supported files. App sometimes crash.

but in general-thanks to / congrats / and recognition for application

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