how can i add picture on catia?

2 Answers

It depens on what yo want to do so i propose 3 ways:

1) (easy and overall) create a surface in GSD (es. Rectangle sketch + fill), then click on it on the tree and select Proprieries, -> graphics -> texture. Make sure your visualization is set To Material ON- This works for most applications

2) If you need images for reference of your model teh best way is Use the Sketch tracer workbench. Learn to use it and it will make it easier to aligh and to crop images with different views. Anyway i can advice that its interface is somehow "obscure"

3) you want just to add a sticker to your model for rendering. This is easy in Photo workbenck. Use the sticker command.. This is easy to use.

Have fun!! And remember CATIA is NOT solidwoks, needs more "thinker" approach and more time ti learn

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