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How can I arrange these sketches?

By tiger on 01 Jul 09:52 1 answer 156 views 1 comment

Hello friends,
I have a problem. I want to draw 1/16 inç screw with two sketches. But I can not draw 2 inç screw with the same sketches although I have calculated the dimensions of the screws.
Would somebody help me please ? I have uploaded the files.I think I have done a wrong somehere in sketches, but I can not solve by myself it. How can I arrange this sketches?

Added images

Square Square Square Square Square Square Square Square


2 inç.SLDPRT, 384 KB
2 inç .SLDBLK, 130 KB
1-16 inç.SLDBLK, 130 KB
1-16 inç.SLDPRT, 837 KB
1-16 inç (2).SLDPRT, 775 KB

1 answer

  • FredSWUG
    FredSWUG about 1 year ago

    I downloaded the file <<2 inç.SLDPRT>>. A cut-sweep with your profile and path works fine in SolidWorks 2016. There are no errors.
    A SolidWorks (2016) and a step file of the result is attached. You won't be able to open the SolidWorks model.


    2 inç-2.STEP, 6.13 MB
    2 inç-2.SLDPRT, 1.73 MB

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