How can i assebmle camshaft with moving springs? V12 engine

i decided to assembly V 12 car engine with all kinematics. but the problem is that when i put moving springs to assebmly in camshaft and i was assembling 10 springs for example exhaust springs than tha last 2 springs i cant assemble cause solid works tells me that the assebmly is overdefined

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I want to help you but if didn't see this assemble and this error I can't...

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here you are:)...first image is camshaft and on the second is camshaft hidden as you can see i put 8 springs there but tha last 4 i cant assebmle cause if i will put them to the mates like another 8 solid works tell me the assebmy is over defined

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Simply delete some of mates parts will stay on their places and try again!

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