How can I attach 2 hoses on a industrial robot that I've made DMU Kinematics on?

I've made DMU Kinematics on this robot but I can't move/attach/delete those 2 hoses..

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Hi friend, good afternoon:

First of all, congratulations for you design, its good, and second, First I dont know why you dont move it, I suppose you have in a cat product, but you have the history of every part? and save as cat part??, in the tree. because I was checking your 3d model, and you have in step some parts dont have history, and maybe could that be possible. Another question, for you is do you have the 3d model with history? I mean a single part made by you. Its very strange because, as far I know catia, accept delete and move, in assembly parts save as step, and cat part, I was thinking if you can assembly again, your product. Because I never made a DMU kinematics, I hope my comments can help you, maybe someone of this forum can help you, or send you some tips. Have a good day.

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