How can I build a turbine blade?

I´m trying to build a turbine wheel for my micro turbine from Thomas Kamps. And I don´t know how to produce the form. All that I have is in the Pictures. It´s out of the book for self build with a instruction how to build it, but I want to build it in 3D and then print it and finally cutting it. I tried it with the spline function, but that don´t came out well.

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Well, there are three different blade configurations, select anyone. First start simple, use the section view in page 1 to make base wheel on which the blades will be positioned, and use shaft to get the base wheel. Then, use offset plane any plane xy or yz or zx so that it can be out of the base wheel and then draw the profile of blade and pad it up to surface of the wheel, later use circular pattern for blade..

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