how can i change my job in abroad

in June 2004, I complete 3 year Diploma in Plastic Mold Technology and in 2005 I complete 1 year Post Diploma In Plastics Mold Design from Central Institute of Plastics Engineering and Technology. i have 13+ year experience in the field of product design and mold design. i'm doing a job in India as a design and development manager

2 Answers

You must be in the form of a multinational company. If your company sets up a company abroad, then you can assign it to a foreign country. If you have just worked abroad like this, you should have working experience or educational background in the area. I am from China. I am also a product project engineer & product process engineer who follows the progress of plastic mold products and die casting mold products.

You need to have working experience and educational background in the local area.