How can I clean up an assembled model in Solidworks before exporting to Ansys?

I made wind turbine blades and hub and assembled the parts. I imported the wind turbine into Ansys fluent for simulation. In Designmodeller, under Details View, I changed Simplify Geometry and Simplify Topology to Yes . I generated my model and used Boolean to unite my 4 parts into a single solid. I used your Tools-repair for further repairs, but Repair Sharp Angles and Repair Slivers are failing.
How can I clean up the assembly in Solidworks before exporting to Ansys?

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BTW, the blade in the assembly was renamed, but no one told the assembly.

I see 2 things that I'd attack first, one is where the blade intersects the hub, the surfaces come together to a single point. This often causes unexpected issues.

Second, the airfoil profile sketches are done as single curves. If you zoom way in on the trailing edge you'll see the sketches get weird. And if you zoom up on the trailing edge of the resulting loft, things are REALLY weird.

Splitting the airfoil profile into multiple logical sections, such as top of foil and bottom of foil, should yield better results. You'll probably end up working with surface features and then solidifying them near the end.

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