How can I constrain a cylindrical pin so it will slide along an "S" rip?

Hi folks!
I need help in a task that may be "the easiest" or "the challenge"!

I extruded a "U channel" from a 2d Sketch profile, and grounded its face to the "floor" (XY plane).
Then I created another 2D Sketch in a shape that resembles an "S" in the "walls" of the channel.
Another Extrude (the milling cutter) and the channel got the "S" Rip,
a run path that a cylindrical pin crossing both walls should use to slide.

(The problem)
How can I constrain the Pin so it will run along the rip?

Thank you!

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HI hpero It would be a good Idea to upload a image to your question so people can get a basic Idea also and may be able to help you with your question.

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Hi there
Check this!

Option 1
Use Transitional Constrain as shown!

Option 2
Use Contact Set for both parts! & Activate Contact Solver.

Well, after 2 option I believe something will work for you.

C ya!

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Thanks! Thanks a lot for all of you that helped. The trouble, turned out to be easy. As Loannis said, Transitional Constrain is the way to do it. The "catch" here is the "Drive Engine". The trouble I was in, wasn´t really because of constraints. The real cause was the Increment Step used to drive the simulation.

The lesson is: If your "drive constraint" doesn´t work, remember, at some point, to make the increment bigger!

Do you know what? The best of all that, is the feeling of having such a special support of you. Thanks again, because I was in a hurry, dead-locked, and the support was the "light" to get there!

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