How can I convert a sldasm to dxf, with parts displayed an single page, scaled appropriately? Thank you

For example, merging sldprt files onto a single page, for printing and cutting on a scrollsaw.

2 Answers

Linking to the assembly file does not help. Without the associated part files, the assembly is of limited use.

SOLIDWORKS does not export assembly files as dxf files. To get around this limitation, first save the assembly file as a multi-body part file. The part file can then be saved as a dxf.

Scaling is dependent on the units used when the model was created, or on any print/export options for fitting to a certain size sheet of paper.

You'll need SOLIDWORKS to save the assembly as a part file.

If I understood well, you want a 2D DXF, "for printing and cutting on a scrollsaw.". That's very simple, make an assembly with all parts on a plane, then create a drawing from the assembly and save it as DXF. Of Course, you need Solidworks.