how can i convert sldprt-files to cat-files (for catia v5)?


at first I must confess that I am not so good in english.
I'm from germany.

my question:
can I use a free tools to convert sldprt-files to cat-files?

here in the forum are so many assemblies as sldprt and I can't open it with catia v5...

thanks for anny help


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7 Answers

many options, you can crack it from torrent or buy its subscription for a year.

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view uploaded files for tutorial, Trial version is available for download, details inside tutorial pdf

contents of download

1x tutorial video
1x tutorial pdf
2x brouchure pdf
1x Zip file contains all pdfs and video files

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with the stack processing of catia you can let convert various formats ... but i can't find the necessary MULTICAx ...

that would be a possibility?

i can get to the tools without registering?

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I'll be watching the links once.
bad that there are test versions only

I'll get back, hopefully it functions

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I had heard catia had a share-able product. I know there is one for step files. I believe it is called ST1 - step core interface.

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