How can I create a 3D model as a .pdf using 2012 Inventor? Adobe has the functionality & I have Version 7 on a 30 day trial. I have also downloaded Autodesk Publisher as I heard it can be achieved using that but I've had no luck. So I am currently un

Creating 3d .pdf's in Autodesk Inventor

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I'm not sure about inventor but in solidworks you go to save as and change the file type to PDF and then make sure you check the save as 3d PDF button.

Hi Stephen,
Thanks for your comment but unfortunately Autodesk seem to be lagging behind Solidworks in the 3D pdf dept! You can certainly change it to a pdf but only as an image, no option to save as 3D pdf. I've still to download 2013 Inventor so maybe that has but 2012 doesn't seem to. Thanks again.

Hi Stephen,

I am not sure if you sort out your problem regarding the 3D model in a pdf.
In case you didn't you might find interesting the link below.
check at 00:50
Unfortunately I will have to agree with the guys above regarding Inventor. But, as long you have Inventor Publisher no worries.
Additionally trying to be fair, Autodesk first introduce the .dwfx for shearing 3d models and then Adobe (As far as I am concern).
Obviously Adobe wins again as the acrobat is one of the most common installed software on a PC. So... no further comments.

5 years as a designer, I have never used the 3d pdf for a client. It looks handy but it's useless!!!
Personal opinion if you are using Inventor or Solidworks (It doesn't really matter) and you want to share information with your client check the links below

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to pass the word around that in December, tetra4D came out with a 3D PDF for Inventor Plug-In that allows you to create a 3D PDF directly from within the Inventor application. It directly answers the question initially posted.

This is a quick 35 second video that demonstrated how it’s done:

It you wish to try it yourself, you can download a 21 day trial here: