how can I create a 3d texture onto a sphere in Solid Works? dots on a basketball

I need to create the dot texture on a basket ball, not as a texture map, I need to create the dots on the spherical surface of the basketball and I need the right way to do it in SolidWorks. Any advice / tutorial to achieve this?

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It is a terrible idea to model 10,000's of dots in SolidWorks, but if you are convinced it must be done, then you could try a sketch driven pattern.

The biggest "problem" is the dot texture is not regular. SolidWorks does not do "random" very well.
You're best option might be creating a 3D sketch, then placing dots/points all over the surface.
Follow this up with a sketch driven pattern, and you've got a few hours random clicking ahead of you!

A sample is attached. This is not the "right way to do it" The "right way" is most likely adding this texture to the tooling with a masking and etching process.
Another wrong way to do it, is using a program like Modo, or Zbrush to apply a physical surface texture to the part, but then there are all sorts of triangle to quad conversion problems.

I guess it depends on why this needs to be done.

Maybe someone will know how to use the API interface to distribute 3d sketch points around the surface?

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Unless you're designing basketballs, I'd go with an inverted bump map in anti-normal mode and call it a day.

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