How can I create a model that I can fold like Sheet Metal

I'm trying to create a model that is ultimately going to be a plastic part with living hinges. I'm trying to use the Sheet Metal function because this is the only way I know to get it to fold and unfold. My dilemma is the part has different wall thicknesses and non sheet metal features causing the unfold command to error on me. Is there a better way to create a model that allows me to fold and unfold. This Part will be molded flat and then folded up to create a triangle after molding.

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Use generative shape design in catia . After modeling your part in surface, you can fold/unfold it. also you don't need to set thickness in surface.

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You could create the living hinge by drafting it such. Do not fix your movable line in draft as vertical/horizontal but give it an angle. Then create a feature list of this angle dimension on Configuration. Set the configuration to 180deg and 90deg(?) and you are all set.

It may not be simple as I've mentioned above, but with careful planing on your draft, it is possible to do so. I have definitely done it before.

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