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How can I create a rolling wheel in creo parametric??

By Pinank R on 15 Dec 08:05 2 answers 311 views 0 comments

I want to create a model of a car moving on the road so how to create rolling wheels???

2 answers

    ATHREYA SH 8 months ago

    just draw a plain sketch in any of planes and use torroidal blend and in that 360 deg rotattion

  • krishna kanth
    krishna kanth 6 months ago

    To create a wheel easiest way is “revolve”
    To make a tire
    Select the plain and draw a rectangle shape make extrude
    Go to “toroidal blend” and select plain take new co-ordinate system from datum
    And make a line Take arc make tangent to the line. So final click ”ok “
    You can see once more the option of “toroidal blend“ in that choose the option “360 degree blend”
    And select the corners of vertical axis or horizontal axis
    FINAL TO ROTATE/ROLL YOU WHEEL GO TO ASSEMBLE and make it all the best

    thank you..

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