How can I create an assembly out multibody parts that were created by using a split command in SW?

If I have created a multibody parts by splitting one complex part and I want to create an assembly out these parts, how can I do it?
Do I import each part at a time in the assembly mode or is there an easier way?

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2 Answers

Insert - Features - Save bodies...
Select the bodies you want made the assembly from and give them names or use the Auto-assign Name option.
In the Create Assembly tab click Browse...
Select the location and name of you assembly.
Do not deleted or undo the spliting in the original part as your assembly parts depend on it.

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Create separate configuration for the each body. Go into the solid bodies folder and use the delete body command to delete each of the bodies in separate configurations. Then you'll just want to make sure the correct body delete is suppressed in each configuration.

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