How can I create custom companents for library in SW?


I'd like to create a new library component like a toolbox structural member.
When I'll insert it at my assemblies
is it possible?

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You should create custom weldment profiles (a 2D sketch).
Open the folder (SWX prog folder >data>weldment profiles) and create a new folder with your name (I named it "steintrikes" for using specific thin wall tubes), inside that folder, create as many new folders as you need, e.g. "round", "square", "special" etc, and then, within SW, open an existing *.sldlfp fie, modify it to your liking and save it to one of your folders with a specific name. Be sure to have the origin in the center of your round tube profile or on a specific part/section of a profile that is not concentric or square. That point will be coincident with the line you draw when you create your structural member. If you use a round tube, the drawing/sketch line has to be where the center of your round tube is. With odd shaped profiles, you can adjust the position and orientation of the profile relative to the line drawn, for example, a 2x5cm profile can be turned by a specified amount of degrees relative to the point in the drawing.
As I'm mainly using round, thin tubing, I created a whole set of dimensions for steel tubing and named them accordingly, so I always know what dimension and tube type will be used as a structural member. I also have some other profiles, for aluminium tubing and aluminium extrusions, for special steel profiles, etc.

That is a better method because if the structural members would be in the toolbox, you'd have to open Unistrut (for example), and modify it and that is much more complicated. A lot of equations involved and easy to make a mistake, not so easy to make it right. Just a suggestion...

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