how can I design a clap cover to filter (through a 40 micro meter filter tissue) alive cells into separated 96 wells plate

Using a printer 3D at my house:

I want to use 96 well plate to culture alive cells population under different conditions.
Into every well I will have different conditions. Thus, I don't want to contaminate one weel with the others.
The difficulty is that I have to filter first through a special tissue of 40 micro meter. If there is no the correct tension, the capillarity will make that the suspension of cells spread horizontally through the tissue and contaminating the other wells.

I figure out a cover that can fit or clamp accurately into every diameter of every well, in a way that I can clamp the tissue of 40 micrometer.

Maybe there is already someone that has thought about it or already try to get it.

thank you every body!!!