How can I design a gunstock in SW ?

how can i made layer like picture?

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You'll need to form a series of offset planes. One plane where you want each of the profiles to be.
Create a sketch on the plane
Select all of the model faces (just click one face, then press Ctrl +A).
Now use the Intersection Curve command. The edge of any model face that intersects with the sketch plane will be converted into sketch geometry.

Afterwards, you'll make a drawing of your model. You'll need to hide the part file, and just show the sketches.

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I mean how can I have plan like picture 1 ?
the plan with angle on line ( pic 2)

Answered with a tutorial:

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Insert reference planes perpendicular to the curve.
You'll need to add points onto the curve where you want the planes to be. I like Split points, but regular sketch points should work as well.

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Good job.
If you need constant spacing between the planes for any reason, you can use the reference point tool to evenly divide a line, arc, spline, or curve into equal length parts.

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Sarah, the idea of this site is helping people, not selling a software package. You could post a step by step tutorial on how to solve this problem in Solidface. It would at least be in the spirit of helping, but I doubt it would help much since H.Rouzbeh was looking for help with SolidWorks.

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