how can i do a analysis on raceing car seat?

what are the most common analysis needed for the analysis of the seat of a racing car?

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You need to perform all possible structural analysis of NX NASTRAN:
• Linear static (SOL101) to know the response of the structure to linear body load accelerations in the three direcctions (G levels) and to get deformations & stress level in the seat,
• Normal Modes/Eigenvalue analysis (SOL103) to get the natural frequencies of the seat, very important to have the first natural frequency well above the fundamental frequency of the car to avoid resonances & vibrations.
• And finally buckling analysis using NX NASTRAN (SOL105) to detect possible inestabilities in the seat.
• The problem is not the FEA analysis, but the FEM model: racing car seats are made of composites, then you need to model the composite properly, here you are a tutorial:
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