How can I do motion analysis with all parts remain in their designated positions?

I have a homework that require us to do motion analysis, it is a suspension system. However, everytime I do motion analysis, some parts fly off. I am not sure what to do with it cause either I make definitions stops it moving or I delete some definitions the part flies away.

Also, I would like to know will width mating (free constraint) lock up the part, cause I want to use this mate for some parts but ends up it couldn't move.

Accepted answer

Actually, Motion Analysis discards some types of mates, including Width Mates.
Make sure you drive your animation using motors, forces, etc and not key-frames, Limit mates, etc.
Finally, Try using standard mates for positioning the components correctly and add contact between the assembly's components if necessary.

You can check out the other types of mates it doesn't support here:

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