How can I do solid meshing with shell elements=quad element in solid model in Catia V5 r19?

I want to do solid quad meshing in solid model but I don't know How can I do it ???
Please suggest me I am uploading my step file here please help me...

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2 Answers

you first need to convert your solid into surfaces (you can do that just by saving it in iges and reopen it)

Then you can use the workbench "advanced meshing tool". Use the tool ''advanced surface mesher" where you can specify ''quad only" and input every parameter you need for your mesh (quad size, angle between surfaces ect..)

The ''advanced surface mesher" tool will bring you into a sub workbench, you have to clic the button ''mesh the part'' to really generate the mesh. then you exit the sub workbench and you can review your mesh and export it.

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