How can i do this in SolidWorks?

I wonder if someone could help me do this in SolidWorks. In Rhino3d i just use Curve Network and then boolean difference. But in Solidworks i tried many ways and it doesn't work.

Follow the SLDPRT attached.

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Please see if this file does what you were planning. I ended up creating a surface (lofted) following the bounds of your sketches. Then cut away the material on one side of the surface.
I even made the fancy curvature lines like Rhino.

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The first image (white) made me think a revolved cut would do it. But the second image (black) shows a little curvature, so I think Cut-Sweep is a better choice.
Your third image with the "graph paper" floor shows what you'll need in solidworks. A plane down the center to sketch on. A curve running down the center of the future groove (this is your path), and a profile which is basically the semi-circular profile at the opening of the groove.

SolidWorks also has boolean operations (insert - feature - combine). So you could model each part, and subtract the unwanted one away, but that is an extra step.

Give Cut-sweep a try and see how it goes. Reply if it is not working, and maybe post the sldprt file so we'll have an idea of the dimensions involved.

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The swept cut do not work. see the attached image.

Answered with a tutorial:

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I think a Forming Tool would work to achieve the profile you want. The 'stamped' material needs to be sheetmetal, but it can be as thick as you need it to be. You could then extrude off the raised side and merge to achieve the the hollow only.

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It can be done with a LOFT CUT,but I dont know your shape,here is an example

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Thanks for all that answered the question. With the help of FredSWUG i reached the objective.

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Do it like Rhino, with boolean. Create the 2 shapes as different bodies and intersect them.

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This shape can be make easily by 2 methods..
1st-The "Revolve Cut".
2nd- it can be possible to get this shape by -
Inserting the new part (in which shape do you want to cut) and assemble it where you want, then use "Combine Command (subtract)".
subtract inserted file from main part...and you can get this shape easily on the object.

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