How can i draw a V-belt as a separate part in SolidWorks?

I Want to draw a V-belt as a part and assemble it on the respective Pulleys. Is it possible to do.? I have tried but it i want to know the standard procedure.?

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5 Answers

There is a tutorial that I have posted on the youtube. You can also find it here in the grabCAD. Hope it helps you.

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First create in assembly mode a layout of V-belt route to maintain a proper length of belt.
In assy mode insert a part, create reference plane and on that plane transfer a sketch of V.belt route. Now you can do rest in assy mode but you can open a part separately and insert a belt profile, and sweep it thru V-belt route.

When you change a distance between pulleys you do it in assy mode in Layout sketch, you also can change a diameter of puley.

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