How can I edit a SAT file?!

I have a SAT file and I need to see the sketches to find out some dimensions. I googled and find out this is Spatial 3D ACIS Modeler format. I can open it in SolidWorks but just like STEP files all I have is an imported solid body. Does anybody knows any other software to open a SAT file as an editable model?!

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2 Answers

I don't believe there is one.
I thought that ACIS/SAT files were a "dumb format" like Step, or parasolid.

Chances are you'll have to create your own reference planes, sketches, and other features you wish to modify.

A program like Space Claim is pretty handy when working with imported models, but you should be able to do what you need in SOLIDWORKS.

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SAT is definitive a dumb format

if you want to know dimensions you can use a drawing, where you can define your necessary sections and create dimensioning

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