How can I get a spread piece ?

Hello everybody;

the part you will find in attachment is a 3D extruded sketch which is part of a special propeller. I want to spread this piece and draw it on one plane so I could save it in. DWG file, then it will be cut by laser machine and finally folded.
I tried to transform the piece in sheet metal design to be unfold, but the SolidWorks said " Cannot be a folded edge as one of the corresponding faces is not flat", I tried also to add a small flat surface at the bottom of the piece but it led to the same problem.
Here you will find two attachments, a "main piece" that shows how I got the profile of the "Part2". You will find also a .dwg file showing what i want to do.

Thank you.

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2 Answers

I sent you a modified piece. Don't know if that's exactly what you were looking for. Also you might try and creating an assembly out of those (2) parts. I'm not sure Solidworks can unfold a piece like your original. Let me know.

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