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how can i get more score in grapcad?

By vedat er on 28 Jan 08:50 2 answers 1 comment

some people have high point how that they get

if we think every like 5 points, is it impossible 10000 points :)

2 answers

  • john fall
    john fall over 3 years ago

    Hard work and good detailed models usually works

  • Hans de Ridder
    Hans de Ridder over 3 years ago

    Stop calling it GrapCad....its GrabCad...might help (haha)
    Well serious john said...good modeling does the job.
    And 10000 is not much...f.a. I have several models with approx 100 this is 500 credits per model...
    so 20 of those model and the 10000 is reached...

    But the most important thing are not the credits....OK!! Nice to show around but the most important things is the help and assistance we can give each other...far more important than the credits...

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