how can i identify the release versions of files

i'm working with catia v5r19 and when i download catia files for v5 i can't open most of them because i think the released versions are different,so how can i identify the release versions of catia files in Grabcad website before downloading them

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There is no way to identify the version before you download it,

The only way to know the file version is using the "Document Properties" function that can be found in file once you have opened.


Answered with a tutorial:

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There's a tricks that works with almost all files generated by a cad.

1) open a file with notepad (better wordpad, due carriage retur code identification)

2) read the header, wich is located at the very beginnin of the file

example with a drw generated with wildfire:

#UGC:2 DRAWING 1271 560 5 1 1 15 2400 2003170 00000628 \
#- VERS 0 0 \
#- HOST \
#- LINK \
#- DBID \
#- REVS 0, \
#- RELL 0, \
#- UOBJ_ID 1383331456 754793595 -382046421 \
#- MACH _Windows NT_6.1_7601

i.e. 2400 2003170 are build number and datacode number.

2400 identified wildfire version I
2003170 identified wildfire version I realise

All cads generate file with this kind of header

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