How can I import a Solidworks file into 3ds Max, with the colors, textures?

When I try to convert Solidworks objects to formats 3ds Max, the colors and textures often disappear, and the file is completely grey. I have to add the colors and textures manually on 3ds Max.

Is there a way I can import the colors and textures too? Or at least a much faster process that can take the colors from the Solidworks file?

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Try saving your SW part as a VRML (*.wrl) file type.

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Dear Stephen Nyberg, I think it is only possible when we make our source file on Solid Works. But in case, somebody has made a file on Solid Works or any other format and has not given the material, then it is not possible to add material, once the file is imported in 3D Max.

For example, if you try opening this file on 3D Max, the material will not be the same.
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