How can i import a Text file with x, y & z co-ordinates in AutoCAD?

I have a Text document in which i have x,y & z co-ordinates. How can i import it in AutoCAD for plotting Lines?

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It is possible to automate the input of xyz coordinates directly in Autocad without installing special plugins (10.000 points (xyz) in less than 5 minutes).
You can use an XLS-file to generate the automated input of points.
Also polarcoordinates are possible.
See my example on GrabCAD - Geometric survey

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A lisp routine can be generated to read in your text file line by line, if you upload the text file I will make an attempt for you. I will need to know if you want points generated or a line from co-ordinate to co-ordinate. If it is a short file you may just want to cut and paste it on the command line with a few edits to the text file.

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You can use the ASCPOINT free utility or you can insert TXT or RTF text files into your drawing by either importing the text or dragging a file icon from Windows Explorer. Imported text files are limited to 256 KB and must have a file extension of .txt or .rtf.

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