How can I import STL model into solidworks?

Hi, Im going to design an mouse model for my customer. How can I import STL file into solidworks that I can trace the vertex when using 3dsketch?
I got file from the company Scan quet 3d :
and stl file was retouch by zbrush!

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You can import STL normally in SOLIDWORKS like STEP/IGES. But the model will have lot of polygons, A LOT! So the best method, if you want to reverse engineer is, either use the "Shaded View" and trace the outline like you want and work with surfaces. Or you can import you STL in FreeCAD and create a STEP file from it and work from there into SOLIDWORKS.

Also I do not understand the attached image. Is it a box or case? And are you modelling a mouse?

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First open the solidworks software then using open files feature to get to your file and trace the outline like #SolidTweaks already specified above.

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check it out in youtube. it will be easier to understand compare to wordings.
and here is the link.

all the best.

luksh rao

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This tutorial was originally created as an answer to this Question:

Try this. Worked fine for me.

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You can also try some reverse engineering software like Rapidform or Geomagic. But do keep in mind if you intend to use them frequently they do cost a whole lot. If it's just for one project try to get a trial version.

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Some guys suggested me that I shoul use the add in name " Power surfacing".
Is it works for me?

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