how can i important an engraving from SVG to solidworks, DXF imported

hello guys,
i m new to the design world, and i faced a problem i used escape ink to convert it from svg to dxf. i have open it in solidworks, but its too huge in size so i cant use my pc. however i need to scale it down, but still cant because it eats up my ram.

whats the easiest method to attache svg design into a sketch part?

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Well, if it's "so huge" you need to simplify/shrink it.
If you have a DXF, use Draftsight (or any other program) and make it smaller.
Or use the import dialog to scale it down - use Millimeter as import unit and then scale it with SolidWorks.

And, maybe, just use the SVG (converted to jpg) as a texture. If you don't need to machine it.

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