how can i impose pierce relation between three sketches in solidworks?

am trying to model a twisted wind turbine blade with bumpy leading edge. the generation of lofted boss/base at the end is showing me error regarding the guide curves am using. can someone help me get how I can properly make pierce relationship between my straight line sketch in top plane (to act as guide curve) and the airfoil sketches in the front planes?

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2 Answers

I'm not sure I completely understood what you are trying to do so I took a guess and used a 3d sketch for the trailing edge guide curve.

There was also another problem where sketch6 wasn't intersecting with the wavy guide curve that had to be corrected too before it would loft.

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Incase Robert's interpretation is not what you intended here is another scenario. I moved the Line on the front plane (Control sketch?) to the bottom of the tree so you could edit the Profile sketches (front plane and plane 2) and add a pierce point/coincident relationship. Generally when dealing with curve geometry it helps to add construction points lines etc. to position your curves where you desire and thus provides you with the entities needed to control your sketches.

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