How can I keep parts together while using iAssembly

I have been struggling to get parts to stay constrained when Using an iassembly. I have multiple designs for the part I am constructing and a couple parts do not stay constrained during the process. I get errors for inconsistent relationships and Relationship with undefined geometry. Can someone help fix this?

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Maybe its the type of constraints you are using or it might be that the parts are adaptive or not depends how the part is made. but without the Model its very hard to Define. There again it might be the relationship with the Ipart.
The pictures below is how to use constraints to achieve the same result.
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Hi CadCloud,
I could not open your assembly in my Inventor v7 but my guess is that you have established a Mate setting in your original part holes feature before you changed the design, hence some of the Mates would not stretch to fit?!

Hope it will help you somewhat.

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Thanks for the help everyone. The problem ended up being that the part was not fully constrained ant it was constrained to something that was still moving.

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