How can I load an inches single drawing to a metric sheet plane?

This is the thing, I was taugth to develop my dwg files in a single format.
Always using a 1:1000 scale.
And if I wanted to create a sheet plane, I had to use INSERT BLOCK command to insert this single drawing to my sheet plane using a insertion factors for this purpose.

My problem begun when I wanted to see my dimmensions to an appropiate size once I had used INSERT BLOCK command, I mean it didn`t fit to my desire size,(about .08" or 2mm once the insertion factor was applied changing my dimmension style, fit option ).

Attached you`ll see the 2 dwg files, #1 is the one I want to insert, #2 is my sheet plane file.

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Hi @ Rolo,

If you're looking to open, insert, import a dwg with inches to a dwg with metric unit. You should:

1st - create new file
2nd - type 'UN' command or units command and select desired unit of measurement
3rd - open, insert, import your drawing that has inches units

Let me know if this aided your question and Please do not forget to hit upvote under the comment. Thanks and have a great day! :)

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You know, sometimes it`s difficult to see how easy things become difficult.

The thing that I discover with my CAM support partner was that the only thing I had to do is make a copy of my file, then rename the copy and finally scale it to mm, usin the simple convertion factor of 25.4 (from inches to mm).

So, as you said I open a new file.

Thank you so much for the attention you gave to my question.

Kind Regards.

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