How can I loft these two bodies?

1.I tried to loft these two bodies, but the outcome was different from the sketch in the drawing. what is the right approach?

2.Also even when everything was symmetric the lofted body was not, so I had to manually move the connections points in order to make the body symmetric. Is it the normal way or am I missing something?

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3 Answers

I believe you need 2 more guide curves perpendicular to the ones you have in order to get the desired result. You will need 3d sketches to draw them.

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I haven't thought about 3d sketches at all! I give it a try.

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It is very annoying to work with 3d sketches and have perfect symmetry. My advice is to make the loft, cut the model in the middle and mirror it as a body to get the perfect symmetry, Good luck.

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