How can i make a complex chamfer in this fan grill?

Hello, good to all, I explain to you my case.

I'm working on a custom pc case and I want to put a custon fan grill with the Asus rog logo. The design could be said that I have it, I just have to make the chamfers of the logo of the photo that I put next in thr grill, but the problem is that I have no idea how to do it. Let's see if someone with more experience with solidworks can tell me how to do them, because I'm completely lost.

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if your model is solid select vertex option in chamfer command and change the distances as much as you can to get close to the picture
wish you good luck

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I doubt the chamfer tool is going to do this.
The chamber tool is handy for adding chamfers. It is like the fillet tool, both tools do not work miracles though.

It may take some trial and error, but surfaces are going to most likely give you the best result. You'll layout the edges of the design with 2d sketches, 3d sketches, curves, and any other tools. Then you'll apply faces/surfaces to that framework of edges to make surface bodies which can later be knit together and turned into a solid.

Upload what you've made so far and someone can experiment on it to see what methods may work well to recreate those shapes.

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