How can i make a symmetric one point to another in Pro Engineer?

I wish to make symmetric relation between one POINT and another!

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To use geometric sketch constraints in Proe, go to sketch → constraint or click on the constraint tool in sketch mode. The following nine different types of geometric constraints can be used in Proe:

horizontal: use this constraint to make any entity horizontal. You can make use of this constraint for line and two points.

vertical: Similar to the horizontal constraints but make the entities vertical.

perpendicular: makes two entities perpendicular. entities may be two lines, one line and one circle etc.

tangent: make two entities tangent to each other.

mid-point: this constraint place a point at the mid of a line.
Coincident: Make two entities coincident. It can be used for two lines, one line and one point or two points.

symmetric: this constraint makes two entities symmetric about a center line. u need to create center line and constraint it before using the symmetric constraint.

equal: Two similar entities could be made equal by this constraint. two lines, two circles etc... could be make equal by using this constraint.

parallel: This constraint makes two lines parallel to each other.

dimensional sketch constraints

u will normally use dimensional sketch constraints in the case where either you can’t use geometric sketch constraints- or you feel that you have to vary the distance in the later stages of your design.

to place a dimension in your sketch, either go to sketch → dimension → normal or use the dimension icon of the Proe sketch window.

to lock a particular dimension click on the dimension, then right click and click lock. locked dimensions will not be changed while editing other entities of the sketch.

to make a reference dimension go to sketch → dimension → reference.
to make a dimension strong select the dimension/dimensions and press Ctrl+T.

to modify dimension double click on the dimension and enter the new value. If you want to modify a group of dimensions together then either follow edit → modify or click on the suitable icon on the proe sketcher window.

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