How can I make an assembly still able to move when placed in another assembly instead of the smaller assembly just being a large static piece?

I am creating a live steam shay locomotive from Kozo Hiraoka's book, Building the Shay. I am trying to make a large assembly including the frame, trucks, and engine on the side of the locomotive. I would like to know how to place the truck and engine assemblies that I have already created in a new assembly so I do not have to rebuild each of them in the main assembly. My problem is that the trucks and engine no longer move when I place them, so is there a way to make them so that I place them and still be able to turn the crankshaft for example on the engine in the big assembly? Thanks!

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Hi Ryan yes there is, when you place the SUB ASSY inside the MASTER ASSY on the tree browser right click on the SUB ASSY and look for a little icon that looks like a vid cam it shall be called (( FLEXIBLE )) activate that and it will be able to move inside your MASTER ASSY but it will only work on a child parent relation ship and not go any further.

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