how can i make bending drawings of Sheetmetal parts in single sheet in solidworks ?

I am working in kithcne equipments manufacturing Industry. I am designing the table and cabin and other kitchen related equipments. The think is i can make drawing for all the sheetmetal components in an assembly separately. But What i need is I want to insert all the bending drawings sheetmetal parts present in an assembly to a single sheet. Is there a way to do that in solidworks?

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2 Answers

I don't think there is an automatic way to do this, but you can do what you need in SolidWorks.
- Create a new empty drawing
- Choose Insert - Drawing View - Model
- Browse for one of the sheet metal parts you want to add
- Before clicking to drop the view into the drawing, check the box that will make the drawing of the flat pattern (see attached image).

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