How can I make my extruded cuts turn off and on with selected parts that attach to the cutouts when turn them on and off?

On this box frame I have smaller boxes that I need to have different representations with some off and some on. The parts work fine but the cutout extrusions, when suppressed in any representation view, are suppressed in all others. I need them to be suppressed in some and not in others. I.E. : If i suppress H-2 Cutout and Burner Box H-2 in one representation then the master has the cutout suppressed also. I am having trouble putting it into words. Please ask for more information if you think you can help me. Basically I need to figure out how to make the burner box & the corresponding cutout for it both off or on in a specified representation, and not in all. The cutout is the only part that is through all representations.

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Dan could you send me the IPT as I can not open that one you have uploaded?
thank you.

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Your answer to this is probably going to be iParts since technically they are different configurations of the same part.

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