How can I make slices through a solid body to make templates?

I wish to make separate "slices" through a solid body and save the files so they can be sent to a CNC workshop to make templates in marine ply. Any suggestions or if you can point me in the right direction. The body is the size of a small car. Many thanks.

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Hi Paul, In SolidWorks go to Tools--> Sketch Tools--> Face Curves. this will create a series of 3D sketches that represent the slices. You can control how many curves get created with this method.
Another way is to create reference planes at your required spacing across your model. Select all the planes plus the face/faces that the planes will intersect, then go to Tools-->Sketch Tools-->Intersection Curve

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Draw 2 large rectangles very close together and then do an 'Extruded Cut'. This will give you a 'slice'.
If you want your slice to have perpendiculare edges, you can start a new sketch on one of the surfaces, use the 'Convert Entities' tool to give the outline and then 'Extrude' and do not 'Merge results'.
Are you building a boat?

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In Solidworks How about just using the section tool to adjust the view to where you want the slice to be then just trace a new sketch over the section and plot it of just use the section view? If this doesn't help I apologize, Maybe I don't quite understand what you're trying to accomplish.

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Hey Paul,
What are you building?
Just curious.

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