How can I make the spring compress in the Simulate Motor?


I am very new to Solid Edge. After spending ages jumping around Google, I still could not seek what I am looking for. I hope I could find my answer here.

Apparently, I am trying to make a simulation of a CAM shaft system with a spring assembled. Everything works fine without the spring on the Simulate Motor command, but when I add the spring on, it did not compress. I have changed the spring into Adjustable part and can confirm it by using the Drag Component command. (Pictures attached)

However, when the Simulate Motor is used, the spring refused to work.

Any helps would be truly appreciated.


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1 Answer

I don't think you can make it with the plain Solid Edge commands, like motors. You need to use the Motion plug-in. Solid Edge includes Simply Motion but for your need I guess you will need the professional version.
You can take a look at this page:

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