How can I make this product texture & color in Inventor or any other software?

I am making a product and I want it to give this model a texture of this attached image product i.e white cotton one like pampers. please suggest me the procedure thanks.

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Just use the colour white with the "matt" texture adjust scale accordingly

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There are a lot of good cotton textures online. You could also make your own with a camera or flatbed scanner. Even something like paper towel might be suitable.

After getting a good texture image, make it into a seamless image which will make applying it as a texture much easier, and it will look better too.

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In Solid Edge you can use Loft protrusion.
1) Draw at least three sections by using sketches on three different planes.
2) Draw a trajectory curve that unites them.
3) Use Loft command.

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If you know about Keyshot
You can do it very easily on the plane surface.
Check for the bump option
Label option for Keyshot.
Hope this helps you out

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