How can i mate this parts?

Hi! I cant understand. I can't mate cotter pin and hole. How can i do this?

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Two ways but keep in mind that I am using mostly Inventor and not SW however both of them they should work...
1.Considering only the picture you can add a very small fillet to the edge of the hole and then try to put a constrain by selecting the curved faces... (Fillet - Pin)
2. In very weird cases you can use the planes and the axis of the parts instead of the actual surfaces...

In this particular case I would try to use "Concentric" for hole and pin.
Then "Distance" between the origin planes of the two parts...
if this doesn't work and you feel confident to upload the files I can give a try...
But again it should be fairly easy to apply one of the above...

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Something a little easier, use the pin diameter and makes it concentric to the hole. Then manually move it up or down and then lock it in place.
Loannis said the basically the same thing. And both his and mine will work.

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Concentric pin to hole
Parallel pin split flat to plate bottom
Distance vertex on end of pin to vertex on hole

Have fun experiment with different methods
There is no right answer

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