How can I model a diagonal gear?

I want to model a diagonal Gear (not a helical), but I don't know how can I delineate the Start Angle. I attached 2 pictures to clear what I mean exactly .

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do you mean helical gear? you have 2 choose:
1- using geartrax software
2- using solidworks tool box
design library> tool box> Ansi metric> power transmission> gears> helical gear

Answered with a tutorial:

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The way I would do it is:
Start a sketch on a plane somewhere above the middle of the part.
Draw a line and dimension it at an angle from a "centerline" set to be vertical.
Extrude the line thin feature, NOT merge result.
Chamfer it a few times to make it look right.
Then circular pattern the body and combine all the bodies at the end.

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