How can I model a rotary die cutter in SolidWorks?

It concerns a protrusion roll to cut products from a dough slice

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Hi Marco,

You can use the wrap feature.

Create a plane or planes coincident with your die cylinder.

On that plane create a sketch with the outline of the exact size final cutout - whatever shape you want and then trace that say 2mm away on the outside to form the thickness of your blade.

Save the sketch and then use the Wrap Feature to form the profile around your cylinder.

See attached picture and part file.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your quick answer! I can’t open the file, maybe because of a version problem? I’m using SolidWorks 2013. Can you save it in that format please?
Thank you in advance.
Another question: Can I convert the knive into sheet metal?
Kind regards, Marco

Sorry Marco, I only have Solidworks 2018.

I can't remember if the wrap feature was available back in the 2013 version.

Try following my description and let me know where you get stuck - maybe I can help.

You can not convert that file into a sheet metal part.
Sheet metal parts are allowed to bend in one direction at a time. Once you start twisting or bending in two directions you are not dealing with sheet metal.

Current versions of SOLIDWORKS have a tool called "Flatten Surface" in the Professional release. This tool could help to flatten out the knife portion of your model. I don't think it was available in 2013 though.

If you upload your model, maybe someone could create a flat product for you.

Herewith the file of the rotary die cutter. A configuration is added, called knive. This is a part of the knive I want to convert to sheet metal (with a flat pattern).

Hi Martin,

The wrap feature also works in SolidWorks 2013.
Now I want to convert the knive into a sheet metal part but I can't fix that yet.