How can I model a switchable gear in autodesk inventor 2013?

I tried to model a complete V2-engine with many movable parts as possible. Cylinders, valves, camshaft ... But the progress stopped by modeling several gears for the transmission. my problem is that i do not know how to set the dependence between the cogs and the shafts to obtain several rates of rotating speed. I think i have to use some kind of collusion computations.

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This is a hard question to try and understand and picture without any reference could you please up load the IAM or even screen shots? It will help others try and solve your problem, Thank you

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So, if I read this correctly you are looking to have the transmission rotate as with the engine and ultimately with different the different speeds when "in" different gears ( 1st, 2nd, etc)

How did you model the gears manually or using the generator.

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Thanks for posting your model. Looking thru it, I have figured out a way to tweak your design.

To start with, remove the rotation (all of them) between the shaft and gears. Replace them with a simple mate constraint between one of the plans on the gear and the matching plane on the shaft. Do this for each gear.

With the gears now linked to the shaft, use the rotation constraints between the matching gears, using the ratio of the teeth, as the gear ratio amount.

Do this for each of the gear pairs, using the correct gear ratios.

Create a parameter that positions the shaft at each gear position.
You should then be able to set the position parameter to one of the gear pairs, then suppress the two rotational parameters for the gears not in sync. Everything should rotate at the correct ratios.

Once this works correctly, it becomes a matter of iLogic, or perhaps Positional representations to change up the combinations and "switch gears"

Good luck. Let me know again if you need better explanations.

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