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How can I model a train gear in CATIA V5?

By Hotze on 02 Jan 16:53 4 answers 1 comment

I would like to simulate a gear train mechanism with the DMU Kinematics module, but I don't know how. I can build a gear mechanism but only involving two gears. Is there a way to simulate something like gear-a moves gear-b that moves gear-c?
I've solved this problem using a cheap trick in the assembly module: each gear has an angle constaint, so using formulae you can (kind of) simulate the whole mechanism. Anyway, I am sure there are better ways to archieve this.


Twister_-_Iso_Front_Mech.bmp, 6.32 MB

4 answers

  • Abhijeet
    Abhijeet almost 4 years ago

    there you have gear joint in catia dmu kinematics. you can chose the ratio and leave the rest of the things on the software to work out.

  • Nedim
    Nedim almost 4 years ago

    Send me the model and will do it for you.

  • Hotze
    Hotze almost 4 years ago

    Thanks, Nedim! Here you have a simple model that I personally don't know how to simulate with DMU Kinematics.I hope you be luckier than me.


    Perno_Mixto.CATPart, 241 KB
    X.01_-_3_Gears.CATProduct, 60.9 KB
    Ladrillo_Perforado_8.CATPart, 545 KB
    Dentada_8.CATPart, 274 KB
    Dentada_24.CATPart, 1.55 MB

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